No end to the Norwegian Romani bickering?

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Once again, the Norwegian Romani people are arguing over something petty. It seems to be no end to the arguing over any subject someone dares to bring up. It can be a book review, someone’s background (Romani enough?), news in general, or..God forbid..a new organization being founded.

This time, all the above is on the agenda. And once again this happens on the biggest Romani related Facebook group, which happens to be run by a handful of people, whom are in close family relations, and of course are running the official organization as well as a clan.

These self-proclaimed leaders and elite of the Norwegian Romani people think they can dominate and steer the agenda and discussions the way they want. Anyone else who tries to have alternative meanings, will be “hammered” by these people and their group of friends, making sure these “daring individuals” are overwhelmed with comments, so…

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