No end to the Norwegian Romani bickering?

As always….

Travelling storyteller.

Once again, the Norwegian Romani people are arguing over something petty. It seems to be no end to the arguing over any subject someone dares to bring up. It can be a book review, someone’s background (Romani enough?), news in general, or..God forbid..a new organization being founded.

This time, all the above is on the agenda. And once again this happens on the biggest Romani related Facebook group, which happens to be run by a handful of people, whom are in close family relations, and of course are running the official organization as well as a clan.

These self-proclaimed leaders and elite of the Norwegian Romani people think they can dominate and steer the agenda and discussions the way they want. Anyone else who tries to have alternative meanings, will be “hammered” by these people and their group of friends, making sure these “daring individuals” are overwhelmed with comments, so…

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Det en ikke vet har man ikke vondt av? — Travelling storyteller.

Det er et gammelt ordtak som sier…. Det en ikke vet har man ikke vondt av. Som vi alle vet er dette ordtaket en sannhet med modifikasjoner. For jeg føler faktisk at det jeg ikke visste, det har jeg nå fått vondt av. Og akkurat dette gjelder ikke bare meg, men det gjelder sikkert mange […]

Det en ikke vet har man ikke vondt av? — Travelling storyteller.

Cruise Ships Sailing May 2021 Update. — Travelling storyteller.

The cruise industry is restarting in a big way in Europe with more ships entering service in May, while in North America, service resumptions involve sailing in the Caribbean and with U.S.-flagged ships in Alaska. Here are the cruise ships currently back in service or planning restarts in May and into June: Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean […]

Cruise Ships Sailing May 2021 Update. — Travelling storyteller.

The international Romani day. — Travelling storyteller.

Yesterday, April 8th, was the International Romani Day. I like to say congratulations with the day to all the Roma and Romani people out there. We know the struggle this good people have had the last few hundred years. International Romani day. Romani Flag. Romani culture. Again, congratulations with the day. Rgds, Sailor

The international Romani day. — Travelling storyteller.

Tjeld-class patrol boat. — Travelling storyteller.

Just a little one for the Navy interested. Brings me back to my own navy days. Although these vessels were more or less scrapped when I was serving. See a very nice YouTube video in end (scroll down). The Tjeld class was a class of twenty fast patrol boats designed and built for the Royal Norwegian Navy in the late 1950s. They […]

Tjeld-class patrol boat. — Travelling storyteller.

Storylines to Build New Residence Cruise Ship at Brodosplit. — Travelling storyteller.

Storylines today announced that it will built its new residence cruise ship concept, the MV Narrative, at Brodosplit in Croatia. “The ship uilding industry was hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and industry-wide delays and cancellations have been inevitable,” said Storylines founder and co-CEO Alister Punton. “However, there has been a silver lining with […]

Storylines to Build New Residence Cruise Ship at Brodosplit. — Travelling storyteller.

Today’s picture. The Thai hospitality. — Travelling storyteller.

Some cultures are more hospitable than others. This is something we can not ignore. Coming from a northern European country, we have a tendency to be a bit more standoffish, and cool, when we meet strangers. Normally this is unintentional. Depending of course of the individual countries, but all in all, northern Europeans are a […]

Today’s picture. The Thai hospitality. — Travelling storyteller.

Women can now book female Grab drivers in Bangkok. — Travelling storyteller.

Women can now opt for female drivers when they hail a ride from Bangkok’s predominant ride-hailing service.  Grab users can now find female drivers as an additional option for trips anywhere in the metro area by selecting “GrabCar (Lady).” It costs the same as the “GrabCar” option, which summons private drivers and costs a little […]

Women can now book female Grab drivers in Bangkok. — Travelling storyteller.

Today’s picture…..First time. — Travelling storyteller.

Who forgets the first time, ever. The first time whatever it really is. We remember probably 99% of all our first times. The picture here is the first time I went to the city of Khon Kaen, which is 40 minutes flight north-north/west of Bangkok. To “meet the parents” of course. Luckily for me, it […]

Today’s picture…..First time. — Travelling storyteller.

Govt mulls southern bridge spots. — Travelling storyteller.

he location of the government’s land bridge project in the South — touted as a more convenient way to transport goods from the Middle East to the Pacific region — will be decided by June, Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said on Monday. The government is surveying locations along the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman […]

Govt mulls southern bridge spots. — Travelling storyteller.
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